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Specialist Physiotherapy Helping Older People

Offering one-to-one holistic rehabilitation solutions in your home


Enabling older adults to live their lives is our passion at Moor Therapy Solutions. As we grow older problems with our strength and balance are not uncommon and can result in falls or near misses. These can in turn have devastating effects on our ability to continue engaging in hobbies and even everyday tasks such as getting washed and dressed or cooking a meal independently.

Age Is Just a Number!


Some eighty-year old’s have the physical and mental capacity similar to many 20 year old’s. No one is ever too old for our help, our oldest client to date was 97 and a delight to work with!

Paula and the team at Moor Therapy Solutions work with our clients to truly understand what matters to them, what activities are important to their physical and mental wellbeing & what is holding them back. From this deep level of understanding and trust we develop personalised programs of rehabilitation to ensure you can continue to live your life to the full. For some people it is the ability to sit out in a chair or walk across the room, for others it will be playing a round of golf. Everybody’s lives are different and that is why all our rehabilitation is personalised to your goals and needs.

Based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Moor Therapy Solutions provides services to individual clients, their family and loved ones, care providers and support services within the Wharfedale, Airedale, Craven and the surrounding areas.


Happy seniors recommending Moor Therapy Solutions, physiotherapy, Ilkley, West Yorkshire
"Despite everything Dad is really good at the moment and so positive. A lot of this is to do with the great work you are doing with him, he is so proud of himself and what he can accomplish at the moment with supported standing, being able to feed himself for the first time in a long time, take drinks himself and developing fine motor skills. The difference in him physically and mentally is brilliant. Thank you." 

Mrs E, Addingham

“Not only was Paula instrumental in my physical recovery but equally important, she restored confidence in my own abilities. I am extremely grateful for Paula’s reassuring care and expertise; she always went above and beyond.”

Mrs G, Ilkley

"My whole family would recommend you, unreservedly. To anyone in need of professional, individualised, rehabilitative care. Your service is truly holistic and caring, and, at the age of 81, you helped my mum fully regain her independence and confidence."

Mrs O, Addingham

“Thank you Paula and your colleagues for the effort and energy you put in to aid the full recovery after a hip replacement.”

Mr C, Baildon



Paula Cooper - Senior physio, Moor Therapy Solutions, Ilkley, West Yorshire & Skipton, North Yorkshire

Paula Cooper

Chartered Physiotherapist

Moor Therapy Solutions is owned & managed by Paula, a physiotherapist with vast experience. She has worked in acute settings including York hospital gaining experience in elderly care, acute stroke, respiratory care, amputee rehabilitation, mental health and musculoskeletal.  Her career continued at the Marie Curie Hospice in Bradford supporting people with life limiting conditions and palliative diagnosis.


Paula now offers specialist physiotherapy for the elderly, looking at their wellbeing and offering holistic rehabilitation, providing professional assessments and treatments of a wide range of conditions.


As an independent private Physiotherapist she completes personalised assessments and treatments on a one-to-one basis in your own home, promoting independence and quality of life.

Moor Therapy Solutions believe in working as a team and involving multiple professions, providing a holistic approach to people's rehabilitation. Ensuring all their needs are identified and personalised one to one treatment programmes are delivered to gain excellent results.  

Professions such as Occupational Therapists, Podiatrists/Chiropodists, Dietitians, Complementary Therapists and Therapy Associates are all available to be involved in peoples assessments and treatment as needed. 



Meet the Team

Sarah Smith

Therapy Associate

Sarah has worked as a Therapy Assistant in an acute setting including Bradford Royal Infirmary working within the elderly care team. Her career progressed working within the intermediate care team, providing rehabilitation to facilitate patients discharge from hospital. Prior to joining Moor Therapy Solutions Sarah worked predominantly in the community providing personalised therapy in peoples own homes. 

Sarah works alongside Paula & the rest of the team to provide one to one rehabilitation and therapy with our clients. This is provided functionally, working with clients to enable them to carry out their activities of daily living, hobbies & interests. Furthermore Sarah runs seated exercise classes in retirement villages & care homes, focusing on balance and strength to optimise mobility. 

Jenny Mynett


Jenny is the is one of three generations in her family to have a career in foot healthcare. She initially trained as a Foot Health Practitioner in 2014, attending the prestigious SMAE academy and then went on to qualify with a Podiatry degree at Huddersfield University. Jenny joined the Moor Therapy Solutions team in 2018.

Jenny will discuss your needs and carry out a full assessment of your feet, followed by a podiatry treatment which includes nail cut and file, management of problem nails, painless removal of corns and callus and cracked heel care. The treatment will end with a relaxing foot massage with cream.

Lucy Greveson Dietician

Lucy will be joining Moor Therapy Solutions team in September 2020, we look forward to working with Lucy as we know diet has a large influence on peoples ability to reach their goals.

Complementary Therapists

We have a number of complementary therapists that work with the Moor Therapy Solutions team offering a range of different treatments. These include:-


Clinical Reflexology


Bowen Technique


Indian Head Massage 



Flower Essences 

Medical Herbalist


Moor Therapy Solutions offer a friendly professional service within your own home. We are there to help you achieve your goals, be that improving your mobility or becoming more independent with daily activities.


We work closely with our clients, their families, care providers and other health professionals with involvement to ensure consistency in your care and support. Our approach is of a holistic nature, taking into consideration not only physical needs but also your wellbeing.


Aspirations are very personal and Moor Therapy Solutions understands the desire to live your life to its fullest. We are able to offer practical rehabilitation for instance to improve your mobility, we can include both mobilising around the home as well as taking a walk outside and engaging in public transport.


Moor Therapy Solutions therapists have extensive experience and knowledge working with clients that have a life-limiting condition,  therefore we appreciate the desire to maintain your ability, prolong your independence and support you in maintaining your role within your family & wider community.

Older man in hospital, rehab to get home, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Skipton, North Yorkshire

Post Hospital Rehabilitation

Hospital stays are not unusual in our older years and sadly can often result in people coming home less able than when they were admitted. Whilst the medical care people receive in hospital is often excellent, the environment is not ideal for their holistic care and wellbeing.


In a typical ward the bed, chair & toilet are all within a few meters of each other and any inpatient spends 90% of their time in this one area. They sleep, eat, wash all within a small space. Encouraged to stay in bed or seated, having all their drinks & meals delivered to them and help on hand to assist with getting washed and dressed (if they get dressed!).


This level of confinement and dependence is a far cry from any normal daily routine for someone living independently or even in a care home. Sadly, the detrimental effect this has is often just accepted and put down to their age and that they have been unwell with little in the way of rehabilitation to see if this new disability level is reversible.


At Moor Therapy Solutions we recognise not only the physical impact this has on people’s ability to move back home but the holistic impact. People often return home with mental trauma from the episode of illness. They fear being home whilst not being back to their ‘normal’ self and often feel rushed out of hospital due to the pressures on NHS beds.


Once home those activities that appeared achievable in hospital are suddenly more difficult, such as walking as we now have a carpeted floor and not a shiny laminated one or getting out of bed as they no longer have one that is adjustable at the push of a button.


In these current economic climates, the NHS is not able to offer intensive rehabilitation to everyone and often have long waiting lists for community therapy. Once available, at best, weekly contact is offered which reduces quickly and the time spent with each person is restricted, further impacting on the level of recovery achieved.


Moor Therapy Solutions offers an alternative road to recovery. We have developed a holistic rehabilitation package that takes away the stress and worry for families and loved ones.


Our clients are empowered to reach their full potential, giving them motivation and a purpose to their lives. We make them feel human, listened too, worthy, and respected.


Moor Therapy Solutions post hospital package is designed to give the support needed to recover both mentally and physically and restore wellbeing. With a proven track record, we can achieve results and give people back their independence.


Has your loved one come home unable to stand?

Do they now need assistance to get dressed?

Are you worried about them falling?

Can they no longer walk outdoors?

Are they withdrawn and have no desire to engage in life?


If so give us a call today and lets work together to give them back a quality of life…..

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