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Older person in hospital, rehabilitation at home, regain independance with physiotherapy & holistic care, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Skipton, North Yorkshire. Moor Therapy Solutions
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Initial consultation to get to know


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comprehensive assessment

from a Physiotherapist

Occupational therapist

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Two appointments

a week with


physiotherapy team 

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An appointment

with the


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Two Appointments

with a


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from a 


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Complimentary Therapy 


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   Moor Therapy Solutions

Thirteen Week  



Transformational Hospital Discharge Package


Moor Therapy Solutions offer a thirteen week individual rehabilitation package within your own home, Including: -


An initial consultation to get to know you in depth, learn who you were prior to your hospital stay, what took you into hospital and your past medical history, the journey you have followed in hospital and what your passions in life are. Gaining an understanding what you would like to achieve in both the short and the long term.


A comprehensive assessment from a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist from the Moor Therapy Solutions team, of your physical ability in terms of strength and balance, but more importantly in relation to the activities you wish to achieve. Setting achievable goals and an agreed plan of action to work on together to achieve your transformation.


Two, one-hour appointments a week with the Moor Therapy Solutions physiotherapy team working on your individual rehabilitation program. With continual seamless reassessments and readjustments as required. Your goals can be fluid and may well change as your transformation starts to happen. We make your rehabilitation personal so for instance if you love your garden and we are practicing standing, why not do that rehab in front of the window so you can see your garden in full bloom. This level of personalisation is proven to really motivate our clients and promise life changing results. 


Moor Therapy Solutions know that this level of rehabilitation is not enough, to get real results we also need to work holistically to make you the best person you can be. Therefore, our package also includes these amazing extra elements: -

  • A hair appointment with a hairdresser that has the time to make it a real pleasurable experience and not task orientated. In hospital all our physical contact is very driven by task needing to be done. The hairdresser will visit you at home and wash and blow dry your hair to make you feel good, she can also cut your hair if you would like. We know and understand that if you look nice you feel better.

  • Two appointments with Moor Therapy Solutions Dietician. They will work with you to help reinvigorate your positive relationship with food. We all know, whilst they try, hospital food is not the best and as a result on discharge from hospital people have often lost their appetite. They will work with you to understand your likes and dislikes, any special dietary requirements and help you with a meal plan. Without good nutrition our rehabilitation is hampered and so with the support from a dietician we can get your nutrition back on track, fuel your body and boost your transformation.

  • A visit from Moor Therapy Solutions Podiatrist to give your feet a health check. Your feet are the gateway to our rehabilitation if you have a painful in growing toenail or callus of dry skin these will make standing painful and reduce your desire to engage in your rehab.

  • Two Complimentary Therapy sessions. We know that our holistic wellbeing is so important if we are going to reach our full potential. When we leave hospital, we often carry with us a degree of trauma from that experience. This can manifest itself in anxiety, depression or lack of confidence for instance. Help to overcome these and feel like your old self is so important and we can offer some lovely relaxing treatments such as Clinical Reflexology, Reiki, Homeopathy & Mindfulness.

Let Moor Therapy Solutions put the Pieces Back Together

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If you've not been in hospital, we also offer many other physiotherapy treatments and services details of which can be found here.

Ongoing Rehabilitation

Rehabilitaion, physio, independence, help to walk, Moor Therapy Solutions, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Skipton, North Yorshire

Once your three months transformation is complete, we are know ongoing care is so important to maintain your independence and prevent any unavoidable deterioration. That is why Moor Therapy Solutions offer ongoing maintenance packages to suit everyone. These may be continuing weekly contact or a monthly catch up and reboot. Whatever the need we have you covered.


Our 6 months packages start from £270 and our annual packages from £540.

Bespoke Packages

If you would like to devise a bespoke package of rehabilitation with Moor Therapy Solutions to suit your needs please give us a call and we can discuss the elements you'd like and devise an individual package bespoke to you. 

One off Appointments

Moor Therapy Solutions understand that rehabilitation packages are not always appropriate or needed. Our one off appointments offer a solution. Details of the treatments and services we offer are available here
Initial Assessement
  • Initial assessment including comprehensive past medical history , history of presenting condition & physical assessment

  • Treatment goals & plan

  • Advice and guidance for ongoing care

  • Liaison with extended multidisciplinary team if required

  • Comprehensive notes in line with HCPC guidelines

From £85

Rehabilitation at home physiotherapy, Moor Therapy Solutions, Ilkley West Yorkshire & Skipton North Yorkshire

  • Ongoing assessments, treatment goals & plan.  

  • Advice & guidance for ongoing care.

  • Liaison with the extended multidisciplinary team.  

  • Comprehensive notes in line with HCPC guidelines.

From £50


Therapy at home, learn to walk again, physiotherapy, occupational therapy. Moor Therapy Solutions, Ilkley West Yorkshire, Skipton North Yorkshire